Blockchain Gaming
Coming Q4 2021

Try your luck on our Blockchain based Roulette table. Place your KobanCoins down on either a single number or the colors red or black.

Coming Q4 2021

Place your KobanCoins into our Blockchain based Slot machine for some great payouts. You may even bank the massive Jackpot!

Coming Q1 2022
Wheel of Fortune

Plenty of KobanCoins up for grabs with our Blockchain based Wheel of Fortune. Spin the wheel for a chance to walk away with massive sums of KobanCoins!

What Is KobanCoins?

KobanCoins is a Binance Smart-chain (BSC) based gaming platform.

How Do I Play?

Click 'Connect Wallet' with your wallet connected to the Binance Smart Chain network. Choose the game you want to play and use your $KBNC to place a bet.

What Is KobanCoins ($KBNC) Utility?

Players can earn KobanCoins ($KBNC) by either playing and winning in the games or contributing to the staking of the gaming pool funds.

Where Can I Buy KobanCoins ($KBNC)?

You can purchase KobanCoins on PancakeSwap .

How Do I Enter The Prize Draw?

1. Connect your wallet.
2. Click on the Prize Draw link on the menu.
3. Enter the number of tickets you want to buy.
4. Click buy tickets.
5. Your wallet will pop up and ask you approve the $KBNC transaction, and then again to confirm it.

Are The KobanCoins Games Fair & Random?

Yes! We use Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function). It's a provably fair and verifiable source of randomness designed for smart contracts.